Thank you very much for purchasing the A5 home soundbar.

Please read the instructions carefully before using this product.

If you have any problems or suggestions for the product, please contact us via support@fosiaudio.com.


Product name2.0 Soundbar
Output power20W*2
Adapter15V/ 2A
Speaker frequency70Hz-20KHz
Bluetooth version5.0, A2DP, AVRCP
Bluetooth rangeUp to 10m
Dimensions470mm X 95mmx 70mm

Packing list


Remote control installation

Insert 2 pieces of AA batteries to activate the remote control. (batteries not included).

Note: 1) The remote control works within the range of 6 meters.

          2) TV remote control or other universal remote controls are not compatible with the soundbar.

1. Short press :Power on Short press:Power off

2. EQ Switching Setting:Music→Movie→New→Bass

3. Mute

4. Player Control

5. Audio source:Aux in

6. Audio source:USB

7. Audio source:Optical

8. Audio source:HDMI(ARC) /Some TV models are not supported

9. Audio source:Bluetooth

Power button

Note:  ① Please connect it to power before using and the soundbar will automatically turn on.

           ② The default input setting is Bluetooth mode.

           ③ The Soundbar will re-enter the Standby mode again if there is no operation for 30 minutes.

Wall mounting guide

Mark the position points on the wall

1. Mark the position points on the wall:

Choose the mounting height and Mark A1; Mark A2 on the right of A1 on the same horizontal line; The distance between the 2 points should be 329mm exactly.

2. Drill the holes:

Drill holes in the marked position.

3. Hang up the soundbar: 

Insert the wall plugs into the holes; Tighten the screws into the plugs through the foam pads; Hang the soundbar on the screws.


Q1. Pairing connection via Bluetooth cannot be completed.

Once you connect a device to the soundbar, the connection will be stored. When you turn on the soundbar, the Bluetooth connection will be activated automatically. To connect another device to the soundbar, you need to disconnect the former connection first: turning off Bluetooth on your former device, or clearing the former connection by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button on the remote control for 2 seconds. After that, you can find and connect the other devices.

Q2. Why is there  no sound output from the soundbar when I connect it to my TV set?

①Please make sure that the TV has a audio output interface

②Please set the TV to digital audio output and select PCM output.

Q3. The Bluetooth connection is not stable.

There should be some obstructions between the soundbar and your Bluetooth devices which interfere with the connection.Please remove them.The supported range for the Bluetooth connection is around 10 meters indoor.Please do not exceed that range.

Q4. Silent play after connection via Bluetooth.

After connections with mobile devices, Bluetooth device audio is off. Turn on the mobile’s output volume.

Q5. No sound when connected to TV via HDMI (ARC) cable. 

Some TV brands may not be compatible with the HDMI (ARC) interface protocol,it is recommended to use other Audio source. 

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Note: ① The default input setting is Bluetooth mode after booting the soundbar. You can click the“M” to switch input mode or select the mode directly on the remote control . (input mode priority order:“Bluetooth” > “AUX ”  >“OPTIC ” > “HDMI ” > “USB”). 

          ② Press and hold the”M”on the remote control or” play or pause button “source button on the soundbar for 2 secondsto remove the Bluetooth connection.