Fosi Audio BOX X2

Mini Stereo Hi-Fi Pre-Amplifier for Record Player

Great Warm, Smooth Sounding Phono PreAmp

  • Upgrade your speakers and subwoofer with a 120W@4ohm x2-channel amplifier and high-fidelity streaming music.
  • The Bluetooth 5.0 amplifier with aptX LL lets you stream music and stereo sound with clarity.
  • With a 6dBi high gain antenna for long-range streaming up to 65 ft(20m) in a complex wall structure.
  • With a world of input mode options, the DA2120C is always satisfied on different occasions.
  • Built with multiple input of Bluetooth/USB/optical/coaxial/RCA, including a remote control that infrared adjust the inputs’ mode/volume/bass/treble/EQ/mute/loudness setting, etc.

Excellent sound and great bang for your buck

Box x2-1
Tube Preamplifier

Audiophile-grade amplification modules offer outstanding performance with their Low-Noise Audio Operational Preamplifiers. It’s also a tube preamp with a 3.5mm AUX input. Designed and assembled by Fosi Audio from high-quality components.

box x2-8
MM Turntable Preamp

Suitable for moving-magnet (MM) cartridges. Precise RIAA equalization. Consistent sonic performance, super low noise. This mini preamp has stereo RCA inputs and stereo RCA outputs. Connect the turntable to the RCA inputs and ground.

Box x2-2


Power, Simplicity and Value

Flat response - tiny footprint

Works Great with Active Sub

Powerful little receiver!

High end sound

Stereo anywhere!


Power Adapter Output: 12V/1.5A

Product Adapter Input Voltage Range: AC 110V - 240V

Box X2 Phono Preamp DC Input Voltage: 12V

Output Voltage Level: 600 Mv @3mV 1kHz

SNR ≥ 98dB

THD ≤ 0.1%

Frequency Response: Standard RIAA

Product Weight: 0.66 lb/300g

Product Dimensions: 4.66 inch/3.85 inch/1.29 inch

#fosi audio - Customer in action

box x2-11
Box x2-13


This is a great Phono Preamp my budget setup includes a piano black finish Fluance RT82 turntable with Hudson Hifi acrylic platter & Big Ben record weight, Fosi T20 tube amp that I have this phono preamp running into, and a pair of Klipsch R-41m and I changed out the tubes to both this phono preamp and the T20 tube amp to Riverstone GE5654W matched pair tube amps and the sound is amazing played Rush Tom Sawyer and man All I Can say is Get ready to feel like the drummer is in your music room space.
Bernadette P.
December 22, 2019
Works great with my AT-LP120 Direct Drive turntable. I was not sure there would be a great difference between the built-in preamp, but there certainly is - the little unit really opened up the musicality for me. I am hearing my albums in a whole new way, and am very happy with this investment.
Clofus Redactor
January 20, 2020
This little giant is such a pleasant surprise and for the price - almost impossible to best. It sounds absolutly amazing (I did upgrade the tubes) and gave me noticeable improvement in the sound quality my Fluance RT82 turntable produces. I was using the phono input in my Marantz pm5005 but the Fosi sounds so much better I can hardly believe it.
Marc F
February 14, 2020
Works just as advertised. I have a set of the GE upgrade matched tubes on order and, who knows, they may bump the sound up from 4 to 5 stars. In any case, for the money, the sound is perfectly OK. Like any tube product, it sounds better when fully warmed up, so wait 30 minutes or so after turning on the power before any critical listening.
Andrew T. Wilson
July 2, 2020