Fosi Audio BT30D

Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver Amplifier For Your Home Theatre

Your Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver Amplifier

Buying a Bluetooth amplifier makes your overall music experience wonderful and trouble-free by eliminating the need for wiring and connections. It can significantly enhance your home theatre capability by amplifying the sound and reducing the noise even at the highest volumes. In addition, it adds magic to your movies and gaming experience by adding some realism and dynamism to their sound. Fosi Audio BT30D Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Audio Receiver 2.1 channel is a Bluetooth-powered (range up to 50 Ft.) and RCA input amplifier receiver with an exquisite and sleek design. The amplifier is easy to carry and can fit into compact spaces while producing high-quality sound despite the small size. Bluetooth 5.0, which is currently the latest version of Bluetooth, ensures excellent speed and reliable connection.

An amazing amp with the right controls

BT30D White
Added Subwoofer Function
A subwoofer enhances the bass and sub-bass of audio in any home theatre or other such setting.
BT30D 24
Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
Fosi Audio BT30D Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Audio Receiver 2.1 Channel can work between frequencies 20Hz - 20kHz (±1 dB). Moreover, it gives harmonic distortion of less than or equal to 0.04% and a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 98dB.


Sweet little amp

Great Sound, Bargain Price

Audiophile Level Quality Amplifier

Great little Class D Bluetooth amp

Perfect for any small speakers and sub

Nice clean sound


2.1 CH Bluetooth Stereo Amp

Power Adapter: 24V/4.5A

DC Input Range: 12-24V

THD: ≤ 0.04%, SNR: ≥ 98dB

Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz (±1 dB)

Input Sensitivity: ≤ 280mV

Terminating Impedance: 2 - 8 Ohm

MAX Power Output: 50W x 2+100W

Input Mode: Bluetooth and RCA

Bluetooth Transmission Distance: Up to 50 Ft


I've only used it a few times so far, but it's seems to meet my expectations (I'm sure nobody expects it to equal a Carver amp!). I don't notice any stray humming, hissing, or distortion sounds. The ability to control the subwoofer independently from the satellites is great (I like deep base, but not overpowering / booming bass).
Mr. Gadget
April 23, 2021
Needed a 2nd system in our office for computer audio and Bluetooth devices, separate from the home theater already in place. Connected 2 ceiling mounted Orb Audio speakers and a Polk Audio powered sub-woofer (using RCA connections). Once the bass balance is dialed in between the Fosi Amp and the sub-woofer amp, and both the treble and bass levels are dialed in for the complete system of speakers, the sound is excellent. The Bluetooth signal is great.
August 30, 2019
Remarkable sound for the cost (after a few hour use to burn in) I hooked this little thing up to my Monitor Audio Silver 200' floorstanders and using a good source like my Cambridge CXU into the phono's and playing CD's this unit provides a surprisingly wide spacious sound stage and good solid bass rhythms, the bass goes deep as well and sounded like it actually had more low end clout than my £1500 hifi amp, the sound gives good bite and texture to instruments making strings, violins and cello's etc sound very real, I was shocked how good it sounded tbh.
M. G. Sampson
March 1, 2021
Forget about your big bulky amplifier, you know, the one that takes up a lot of space, i too had one, but now i've got this Fosi amp, smaller that a bluray disc box, but it has 100w per channel, so how many 200watt amps have you seen that is smaller than a bluray box?, of course your thinking, yeah but it might sound horrible.....i too thought that, until i tried it out, this amp for it's size is exceptional, the sound is clear, and you get an input for a passive subwoofer, also it has bluetooth, i used a Sony amp for my music, but now i use this Fosi, okay it's not remote control, but's not a problem for me, when i first saw this i laughed, because of it's size, but now Fosi has the last laugh.
Mervyn Yardley
September 30, 2021