Fosi Audio V3

2-Channel Stereo Power Amplifier Designed for HiFi Audiophiles

Built-in TI TPA3255 Amp

Enabling superior audio quality and ultra-low distortion across the audio band with Class-D efficiency

Replaceable Op-Amps

Roll the op-amps to get your preferred sound signature.

Logarithmic Taper A Pot

Manage the audio volume in a much finer way suitable for human ear.

Quality Components Integrated

Full of what audiophiles could want inside

Japanese NCC Capacitors 63V/2200uF

Japanese Sumida Audio Inductors

German WIMA Output Capacitors

Japanese ELNA Capacitors

Effective Cooling

Vents on the top and bottom, and whole-body heatsink design enhance air circulation and heat dissipation

Cooling Vents on Top

Cooling Vents on Bottom

Heatsink Attached to Case

Born for HiFi Enthusiasts

A great budget HiFi gear to accompany your turntable, CD player, and speakers.


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Product Details

Max Power Output: 300Wx2 @4Ω


SNR: ≥110dB

Terminating Impedance: 2-8Ω

THD: 0.003%

Power Amp Chip: TI TPA3255

Op-Amp: TI NE5532 x2

Power Supply: 32V/5A, 48V/5A

Input Range: DC 24V-48V

Frequency Response Range: 

Input: RCA
Output: Speaker Output/3.5mm Pre-out

User Manual:                 Download

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2. User Manual × 1
3. 32V/5A or 48V/5A Power Supply × 1

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