About the Tester Program

The process of taking part in a Fosi Audio product test is an easy one involving five easy steps, and all our tests run within the specified time period.

How to become a Fosi Audio product tester

Select the product you want to test, click Apply under the product, fill in the form information, and submit; we will receive your application requirements and review and confirm with you by email within a short time.

1. Sign up & Apply

By selecting a test you are interested in and applying to it, you will receive an e-mail informing you whether you have been selected to participate.

4. Write a review

Include a screenshot or link if possible as evidence that you have written a review for each site.

2. Receive product for free

Depending on the test type,  we will send it to you free of charge via the Fosi Audio online store.

5. Retain your product

You have successfully completed the product testing and may keep the product.

3. Give it a try and let us know what you think

Test the product in detail and then write a comprehensive and meaningful evaluation.