We invite you to test our products.

Join Fosi Audio’s product tester program and let us know what you think about our products. With your feedback we will be able to improve and innovate the Fosi Audio product line.

New Tests

About the Fosi Audio Product Testing Program

We want to hear what you think about our new Fosi Audio products, which is why we created the Product Tester platform. By doing this, you can tell us what you have to say about our products and we can improve them. In this platform, you will find general information about the product testing process, as well as the different product tests that we conduct or have conducted in the past. Please find a product test that you are interested in and apply!

Become a Fosi Audio Tester

If you wish to test any of the products offered by Fosi Audio, please complete the Product Testing Request Form. Fosi Audio will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your test request

Engagement Rules

The process of taking part in a Fosi Audio product test is an easy one involving five easy steps, and all our tests run within the specified time period.

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