The Fosi Audio Story

Clearer Audio, Rich Sound, And Perfect Balance


Fosi Audio was founded in 2017.  We are relatively new in audio equipment games, but we have mastered the art of producing high quality audio products over the years. Our items are designed to deliver HiFi sound, irrespective of the space they are used in.

We know that the millennials seek ease; that’s why our products are easy to use and offered at affordable prices. Fosi Audio is committed to providing the best audio experience to its valuable clients.

“With our focus on perfecting the home audio experience, we deliver high quality audio products at an affordable price”

Ryan Huang

Fosi Audio / Founder

Get The Best Audio Equipment To Enhance Your Listening

Fosi Audio T20 Bluetooth Tube Amplifier

Brand Value

Fosi Audio entered the sound market in 2017 and, since then, has made considerable efforts to bring the best sound equipment to its client. Our research team consistently develops new high-end audio products for all the audiophiles looking for perfect sound quality. Be it professional or personal use, Fosi Audio products will give you an auditory experience like no other.


Enabling You to Enjoy HiFi Music with High-Quality Audio Equipment that Awakens Your Senses


We use new technology to produce high-quality audio equipment that amplifies sound and gives you the best audio experience. So whether it’s a home theatre or a concert, our amplifiers and other products are sure to enhance your listening experience.


To produce high-quality amplifiers using innovative technology that brings out the real quality of the sound. We want everyone to enjoy HiFi audio; this is why our products will not break your bank.

Why Choose Fosi Audio

Over the years, our research and development team has come up with economic and easy-to-use products. We use new and innovative technology that amplifies the sound of any device and makes it clearer, richer and perfect.



We have survived in this competitive market by providing quality and excellent products to our customers, and we will continue to do so.


Portable yet HIFI

The use of modern technology allows us to create handy and extremely powerful amplifiers. There are no complex installations methods; just plug your device in an amplifier or connect through Bluetooth and that’s it. You are ready to hear the quality like none other with powerful, clear and perfect audio.


Technically -Advanced Solutions

All our products are designed keeping every type of customer and their requirements in mind. In addition, our products offer technically advanced solutions so that our customers can create sounds that provide a luxury audio experience. With Fosi Audio equipment, you can create sound anywhere you want.


Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency

We are aware of our part in protecting the environment; thus, we manufacture energy-efficient products. As a result, you don’t need a massive energy source to power up our equipment resulting in environmental protection and other positive outcomes.


Customer-Centric Approach

All our products are designed to give maximum comfort to our customers—this is why we offer 18 months warranty on our products and unmatched aftersales services. Home theatre, concerts, or gaming tournaments; our amplifiers will satisfy all your audio needs.

The Power Of Sound In The Palm
Of Your Hands


You can never go wrong with Fosi Audio. Experience our products; we have something for every audiophile out there.

With our amplifiers, you get the ease of use, portability, and reliability. Just connect your audio devices with Fosi amplifiers and hear the dominant sound you have never heard before.

Our high-end technology is all you need to produce premium sound for all types of audio and music applications.

Our amplifiers and other audio equipment are designed to deliver the unmatched audio quality, enabling you to make new and experimental music.

The Bluetooth and headphone amps are sure to interest gamers and musicians alike. Clearer sound, HiFi audio, and noise reduction are the hallmarks of our products. 

Fosi Audio brings unsurpassed sound quality with its innovative approach and superior products.