Calling All Global Distributors to Become Part of a Rapidly
Growing Audio Company

We are looking for global distribution partners to expand and enter new markets. Our mission is to serve our clients irrespective of their demographics. Ideally, we want a global partner with experience and expertise selling high-end audio equipment. They should know how an audio devices works and all the marketing trends and terms that generate customer interest. Following are some additional qualities we are looking for in our new global distribution partners;

  1. We want our global distribution partners to have their own sales network and a loyal customer base. This will reduce the marketing cost for both distributors and our company while also making new customers.

 2. We want a committed and goal-oriented distributor willing to bring new products to their market. This is an essential requirement as we seek to engage partners whose mission and aim match our own.

 3. We want an innovative partner in their approach to how they introduce our products in the new market. In addition, they should be willing to offer aftersales services on our behalf and fulfill customer orders diligently and without any delays.

We welcome you to become our new global distribution partners if you have all the above requisites.

Know About Us

As the product prices elevate, buying high-quality equipment means burning a hole through your pockets. Fosi Audio’s mission is to offer the same quality products at affordable rates. We are dedicated to making products that are high-performing yet cost less.

Our company’s motto is to give the best auditory experience to our clientele. This is why we have experienced success in such a short time. Our amplifiers are all you need to enhance the sound and get that elevated feel. Furthermore, we offer technically advanced solutions that are sure to bring excitement whenever you listen to the sound reverberating through our products.

We know what our customers are looking for; therefore, we never compromise on the quality of our products. All our products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure our customers get the high-end product they deserve. Our amplifiers, headsets, speakers, and other audio equipment are tested for worst-case scenarios, therefore, ensuring durability and reliability. Fosi Audio’s products come with an 18-month warranty where we take full responsibility for its parts and smooth functions. In addition, we are committed to further improving by introducing innovation and new technological advancements so that our customers are always satisfied with the product.

Why Choose Our Products?

Amplifiers go hand in hand with a sound system for producing booming audio. Fosi Audio amplifiers are minimalistic in their look but powerful in terms of sound production, resulting in a satisfying and stimulating experience. This is why we have returning consumers who, time and again, appreciate the quality of our products.

We have a dedicated team of researchers and developers who create audio equipment designed to offer perfect and clearer sounds. Professional musicians admire our products for their ease of use and reliability in producing HiFi music and sounds.

We are a customer-centric company. That’s why we are always looking for perfection in our product designs. Our digital home audio amplifiers, preamps, headphone amplifiers, DAC’s and earphones accompanied with other audio equipment have repeatedly garnered positive reviews and ratings from our customers.

Fosi Audio is always focused on product quality, and we strictly adhere to ISO9001 standards. Our research and development team works tirelessly to achieve the required standards. This is why our products have the lowest repair-related returns.

We are committed to further improving our services and products so that our customers get the best. Economical rates, high-performance products, and reliability make us the best among our competitors.

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