fosi audio

The Fosi Audio brand offers premium home audio solutions for the audiophile and professional markets

Values we live by


Customer-Centric Approach

The amplifiers we provide are designed to give maximum comfort to our customers, which is why we offer 18 months warranty and unmatched aftersales service.


Passion for Home Audio

Fosi Audio perfectly understands the wishes of its customers and the rest of the sound-loving community. Our aim has always been to be a home theatre one-stop solution by bringing the latest sound technology.


Constantly improving

The Fosi Audio team works to solve market and customer needs through technology, continuously improving and optimizing the pain points of the industry, and enhancing the sound experience.


We are committed to helping audiophiles and high-end players to reach their goals and perform better.

Our mission is simple, satisfy all your auditory senses, bring powerful sounds that play with your senses, and offer quality products on a budget. Our team and partners are working in perfect harmony to achieve these goals and bring the best in audio and video technology. We want you to enjoy the same experiences of a concert or a cinema at your home.

budget hifi concept

At Fosi Audio, budget HiFi is the perfect fusion of advanced audio technology and audio equipment designed by us, providing better sound quality while solving the problem of high equipment costs.


We call them and anyone who appreciates the products “Our Partners.” These are the people who are helping us grow and reach new markets. We are devoted to working alongside our partners to bring in more success and innovative technology that provides our customers with the best quality, powerful, and dynamic sound experience.


Fosi Audio has always been committed to serving its music community and offering the best in sound technology. Our researchers are working continually on home audio and video systems to address all the needs of sound enthusiasts. Have a look at some of our best products.


Enhanced the music's power

With Fosi Audio, we make powerful, reliable and easy-to-use HiFi solutions that deliver great audio and comfort. We revolutionize traditional bulky and expensive HiFi equipment.


The ultimate HiFi experience

Since we started our operations, the goal has been customer satisfaction rather than profits. We are proud to say that we have achieved it, but there is still a long way. We believe our products will provide the ultimate HiFi audio experience without breaking our customers’ finances. In conjunction with our partners, we are motivated to cater to all the needs of our audiophile community. We aim to be the best sound quality and a massive contributor to audio technology.

Jackson Guo


Chief Engineer

Jackson Guo

I believe that every design is personal. The connection we have with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the design process. We must understand the clients and bond with them, be a part of their dream. Their dream is our dream.


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